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Kawabunga dude!

 Shred`er, known throughout the French underground for impeccable sound design that satisfies even the most demanding psychonauts, releases his first EP on BMSS. Masterfully crafted psychedelic elements and strong twilight ideations combine with rhythms and grooves that say sunlight is coming to your colorful psychoactive playground.

Kawabunga dude, this is serious trip music!


01: Shred`er - Kawabunga
02: Shred`er - You like Crystal?

Mastering: Res (Mechanimal)
Design: Acora

Release date:

17.07.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Ibojima & Jackvi: Mental Extension

 The legendary Ibojima collaborates with Jackvi on "Mental Extension", a track that is both powerful but suitable for daytime shenanigans. Expressing the deeper elements of the Scando sound, this full on Psytrance body mover is complete with expertly applied flourishes of old school Goa embedded in a journey that will expand your dancefloor. Powerfully mastered by Stryker.


01: Ibojima feat. Jackvi - Mental Extension

Mastering: Stryker
Design: Acora

Release date:

10.07.17 via Beatport (Digital)

BMSS Records: 100 digital releases!

 Happy birthday to us, here is your present! 🎁

For the 100th digital release on BMSS Records, Ascent revives his classic hit "Himalayas" with a remix for 2017. Heavy with the depth we have come to expect from Ascent, this remix is a positive forward driving soundscape filled with evocative Psychedelic and Goa elements. Perfect for morning moments at sunrise, this mystical and enchanting is the first in our series of FREE releases to celebrate 20 years of the BMSS family!

You can download the track in WAV for free from our Bandcamp page! You enter "0" as a price and download it right away.

Thank you all for the amazing support in the last 20 years, it gives us the power to go to the next level!

Orange Pulsations with H-Sunrise

 The prolific Yassin Chaffi presents his first solo EP on BMSS Records with two previously unreleased dance floor sparkers. Over the last years, Yassin has perfected the art of sound production. His two masterfully crafted epic tracks are suitable for any Open Air dancefloor.

Solid grooves go hand in hand with clever arrangements, uplifting melodies smoothly align with oriental touches. Orange Pulsation stays on the serious side of Trance, but creates a cheerful dancefloor energy. Good vibes coming your way!


01: H-Sunrise - Orange Pulsation
02: H-Sunrise - Impermanent Universe

Mastering: Tron
Design: Acora

Release date:

03.07.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Dear Solar.United.Natives

Only 3 weeks and the Sun dance will begin!

The main stage will start on Thursday during the day, where the music will play non-stop for 4 days on a Funktion-One sound system providing us crystal clear sound.

Programs: The detailed program of the stages will be sent to you shortly, and there will be a simple paper program guide at the info point and the gate, and a blackboard at each stage with the actual timetable written on it. At the info point there will be music already playing during the nomad camp.

Members can come sooner! You can arrive earlier even from the previous weekend. The shower and the communal kitchen will be operating, and the clean compost toilets will be waiting with fresh wood chips. Members are also welcome to help in the preparations!

Entrance: as a Member it’s enough to prove your name with a simple photo ID. Also if you write us to the address, we can generate your personal ticket. It is similar to the presale ticket, which can be easily read (works even with your phone).

Minibus shuttle: From July 17 a minibus transfer will be operating between Galgaguta railway station, Bercel village center and the festival gate to make the event accessible on foot, and to reduce the risk of drunk driving when someone goes to the village for something. The cost of the trip will be probably around € 3-4, and € 5 for the return ticket.

Airport transfer: From 3 passengers a minibus will depart from the Budapest Airport, 25 € / person. To arrange your travel please fill out the following online form:

Parking fee: Our vehicles burden the environment, and the maintenance of the roads is also a significant work. Therefore, this year we will ask a one-time € 5 contribution for each car, in return we will provide a guarded car parking, better roads for next year, and a nice sticker. We recommend more people to sit in one car.

Safe camping: Next to the festival area there will be a guarded campsite too, and we recommend you camping in this area. We can not take any responsibility for lost values in other areas, and we ask you to be careful all the time.

Safe fun: Keep the Hungarian law. Usually this time there is more police control on the roads, please drive carefully. Avoid driving high, there is zero alcohol tolerance in Hungary, and the light drugs are prohibited.

Waste treatment: Please take back your garbage that you bring with yourself. Almost only composting buckets will be placed out, as we only serving food and drinks in biodegradable plates and cups. We would like to take care of this wonderful nature, and make the place not more dirty but more beautiful.

More info on our official website and on the event page on Facebook!

We are already waiting for you! See you soon! :)

Playing Mind Sets with Mind Lab

 After his successful debut EP on BMSS Records, "Inner Engineering" and numerous tracks on various compilations elsewhere, Fotis Elf unleashes fresh output from his studio. Both "The Setting" and "Sitaram" contain the key elements of Mind Lab`s sound: Goa and retro elements intermixed with oriental and ethnic touches to create beautiful, unusual melodies punctuated by the strong rhythm.

The alter ego of Alchemix showcases perfectly why we at BMSS love the output from Fotis`s studio: music with depth and musicality that is not typical for modern Psytrance production.


01: Mind Lab - The Setting
02: Mind Lab - Sitaram

Mastering: Stryker
Design: Acora

Release date:

19.06.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Shiny happy people in the S.U.N.shine!

Travel back with us in time to the beautiful 2015 edition of S.U.N. Festival held in Csobánkapuszta in Hungary. We hope that these photos will be a fantastic flashback for those of you who were there. For first timers, we look forward to seeing you at this intimate summer gathering and welcoming you to our Solar.United.Natives family!

More info on our official website and on the event page on Facebook!

S.U.N. Festival & Community Gathering 20 – 24 July 2017, Hungary Come and join us for a sunlight celebration in the...

Posted by BMSS Records on Friday, 16 June 2017

Into the black hole with Dark & Roll

 After a string of daytime releases, BMSS is back back with a release suitable for daytime tripping and nighttime ripping. Out of Israel comes the new project of Edi Alterman alias "Dark & Roll". The EP features two fresh tracks that embody the BMSS love for the Psychedelic.

Trippy elements combined with unusual funkadelica to keep you guessing on the dancefloor. "Little Star" warps you back to the surreal dreams of childhood. "Trip on Space" provides a slower, groovy acidic tinged approach to Psychedelic Trance. Both tracks are secret weapons in our DJ Sets and we guarantee they hypnotize and fascinate dancefloors all around the world.


01: Dark & Roll - Little Star
02: Dark & Roll - Trip On Space

Mastering: Res (Mechanimal)
Design: Acora

Release date:

12.06.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Mind Lab Live at Earth Garden Festival on Malta

Check out this footage from Mind Lab`s electric set at one of Europe`s best kept secrets in alternative music festivals: Earth Garden on Malta. And stay tuned: we have a bunch of exclusive releases from Mind Lab upcoming! The first one, Mind Lab EP, will be out on BMSS Records June 12th! Demos soon online at our Soundcloud page.

Mind Lab - Live at Earth Garden Festival 2017

Check out this footage from Mind Lab's electric set at one of Europe's best kept secrets in alternative music festivals: Earth Garden on Malta. And stay tuned: we have a bunch of exclusive releases from Mind Lab upcoming! The first one, Mind Lab EP, will be out on BMSS Records June 12th! Demos soon online at our Soundcloud page: Follow us for further updates! ❤

Posted by BMSS Records on Friday, 9 June 2017

Miditating with Kundalini

 From Bulgaria, we have the first revelation of Nikolay Sabchev`s project "Kundalini" on BMSS Records. Featuring two previously unreleased gems that pay homage to both Goa and Psychedelic Trance "Miditating" and "In Time" lean on old school elements cut with razor sharp production design and music created to take you into an oblivion of Trance and Dance.

Serious depths, pounding grooves, rich acidic soundscapes and strong rhythm elements combine to create a symphony of Psytrance made for tripping on meadows, in the woods and under Moon filled dancefloors.


01: Kundalini - In Time
02: Kundalini - Miditating

Mastering: Res (Mechanimal)
Design: Acora

Release date:

05.06.17 via Beatport (Digital)

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