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Out now: Imaginarium - Nature of Consciousness

Enjoy our latest Psy Trance release! Imaginariums` new EP is out now via Beatport and soon via Bandcamp...

Welcome Lupin to BMSS!

 Please welcome Lupin to our BMSS Records roster!

With more than 15 years of musical career on his back, and a lot of releases in many different labels, he has earned the respect within the Progressive Psychedelic scene. Producer, Dj and piano player, with a background enriched by many different experiences, as running his own records music shop, managing some old vinyl techno labels in the past, organizing events, taking care of management services etc, he is a full blooded professional.

After some already very successful co-operations with BMSS, Lupin finally joined forces with us. His upcoming album "Ritmo Galactico" will be out on BMSS in spring of 2015 and already very soon a killa EP of him and Owntrip will see the light, so stay tuned.

We are very excited to intensifying our work with this lovely person.

Welcome on board Miguel!

Imaginarium - Nature of Consciousness

 Imaginarium is the newborn alias of Nikola Gasic, better known as Sonic Entity.

Having his first release with BMSS Records, Imaginarium is here to take you on a new journey into the deeper realms of Psychedelic Trance, filled with a mixture of old school sounds, cutting edge production techniques and hypnotic atmospheres, the result is high-explosive dance floor material!


01: Imaginarium - Nature of Consciousness
02: Imaginarium - Keep going

Mastering: Bart @ XSI
Design: Mark Bash

Release date: 24.11.14 via Beatport & later via Bandcamp

Out now: Soul Kontakt - Electromagnetism

Enjoy our latest Psy Trance release! Soul Kontakt`s new EP is out now via Beatport and Bandcamp...

Soul Kontakt & Entheogenic - Electromagnetism

 Beautiful melodies and a stunning groove are the elements Soul Kontakt is already known for, but he returns to BMSS Records with a massive upgrade of his production skills, resulting in a banger of an EP we are very happy to share with you!

Electromagnetism contains two fresh solo tracks in which Colin perfectly demonstrates this new focus on the dancefloor and as a bonus, a versus track with Entheogenic! This is one of our releases you can listen to in heavy rotation as it generates positive vibes and leaves you plus the dancefloor with a huge smile and an open for the soul and to get your feet stomping!

Mastering: Bart @ XSI
Design: Daniel Borg @ Kuluri Malta

Release date: 17.11.14 via Beatport and Bandcamp

Out now: PsiloCybian - Unfold Oneself into Endlessness

Enjoy our latest Chill Out & Downtempo release! PsiloCybians` CD is out now via Psyshop and Beatspace...

PsiloCybian - Unfold Oneself into Endlessness

 PsiloCybian returns to BMSS with a wondafantabolous album showing his musical versatility and genius.

"Unfold oneself into Endlessness" is this kind of sonic gem which will become an instant classic due to its fully artistic approach, uniting genres of Psychedelica with Downtempo, Chill Out, Ambient and even some sparkles of Drum `n` Bass.

This is a holistic masterpiece we are honored to share with you, hoping it will enrich your open mind with new sensations and soundscapes...

The album will be available on the 07.11.2014 in CD format and on the 11.11.2014 in all digital formats.

You can purchase the CD via Psyshop and Beatspace and in case you prefer the Downloads, check Bandcamp and Beatport

Thanx for your support, we hope you will enjoy!

Welcome to our "Alternative Autumn" release series!

Our label philosophy is to be open minded and to remain versatile, welcoming new projects and producers, giving them a platform to express themselves without limitations and not forcing them to follow any keep a holistic vision of the terms "Psychedelic" and "Trance".

Following this tradition, we would like to invite you to our Alternative Autumn series featuring 4 releases which hopefully surprise you regarding the variety of sonic pulsations:

Sephira just presented us Monkey Tales, a collection of his stories told from a timeless space, wrapped into a Chill Out epic in which magic meets curiosity. Kalamour just followed by musically uniting the Orient with the Occident with his selection of White Tea featuring a deluxe selection of ingredients and a smooth breeze of Sahara dust.

PsiloCybians` long-awaited experimental Downtempo album Unfold Oneself into Endlessness will finally be out on the 7th of November as CD and a few days later in digital form...we are excited to hear your opinion! By the beginning of December, Alternative Autumn will transform into a rather banging winter season, but not unless Suduaya and By The Rain open their vaults to tell us about the Secrets of the Universe...

You can listen to all releases in full length via our Bandcamp and SoundCloud page and in case you want to download them, check Bandcamp and Beatport.

We hope you will enjoy these sonic gems as much as we do, thanx for your support!

Kalamour - White Tea

 The Orient unites with the Occident in this latest conceptual release on BMSS Records. Being a multidisciplinary artist, Moroccan Kalamour surprises us with a stunning package of sound and art featuring two progressive and psychedelic bangers and one beautiful Chill Out gem which should enable you to levitate towards higher dimensions.

Have some White Tea with us and enjoy the flight, no additional sugar needed!


01: Kalamour - Geometry
02: Kalamour - Ohm Goa
03: Kalamour - White Teac

Design: Kalamour

Release date: 03.11.14 via Bandcamp & Beatport

Out now: Sephira - Monkey Tales

Enjoy our latest Chill Out & Downtempo release! The full album by Sephira is out now via Bandcamp and Beatport...

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