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Black Mirror by Synthaya

 Synthaya is one of the latest additions to the global Psytrance scene and thus to BMSS Records. Based in Israel, the two friends managed to establish a huge fan base back home and are now about to unleash their creativity to the world.

Old school Goa Trance elements meet Psytrance and are wrapped into a Full On cutting edge production. Black Mirror follows this sonic approach, delivering two master blasters which will rock floors massively.


01: Synthaya - Dwarka
02: Synthaya - Black Mirror

Mastering: XSI
Design: Alien Grafix

Get it at Beatport

Please welcome M-Theory to BMSS

 Our label is once again growing with the signing of M-Theory!

Marcello already had two releases with us, he appeared on the first chapter of the Trancendance triptych and had another EP release under his alias Cimi, so it was about time to strengthen our teamwork.

We are very happy to have such an amazing artist in our realms and we are already excited to bring on his second album. If we keep the schedule, it should be out in fall of 2015 on BMSS.

Have a look into his profile and check out his latest live set....much more output is coming very soon! :)

SUN & BMSS welcome you to Solar Seeds

 Dear Solar United Natives, we would love to welcoming you to our upcoming event this Saturday in Mannheim in Germany!

Together with Alice im Wummerland and Solar.United.Natives, BMSS Records are hosting the German edition of Seeds of S.U.N. and we will will make sure it`s gonna be an extraordinary night!

The location is the same we used for our recent label party, ensuring an intense flight on 2 floors and a smooth landing in the beautiful Open Air area.

A massive soundsystem plus an exquisite line up should make all you Solar United Natives more than just happy!

We are looking forward to the Live Sets of Suduaya, Vertex, Aurafood and Snag The Sunshepherd plus the Dj Sets of Oleg, Merlin and our local sonic wizards Boom Shankar, Alexsoph, Psypha and Niju.

Let`s spread some S.U.N.shine dear friends, see you soon...

Click here for the event on Facebook

Hujaboy is in FM Heaven

 After a very successful debut release with us (Fractured EP), Hujaboy is back to BMSS Records with a non-stop relentless psychedelic track clearly show-casting his unique approach to the terms Psychedelic and Trance.

This is a serious serious mind-boggling material, tested and massively approved by dancefloors worldwide.

We are more than happy to feature such an interesting cutting edge artist as Hujaboy!

You can reach FM Heaven via Beatport and soon via Bandcamp!

ManMadeMan & friends: Soundproof (Fundraiser for Nepal)

 Every little step counts! We actually planned to release this EP with Manmademan in the "normal way” but then we came up with the idea to use it in order to raise money for the people in Nepal. Maybe you guys are usually not donating money for disaster relief, so here is a different approach which we hope will receive some proper feedback.

All payments will be shown and Donation details will be transparent and available on RE:VOLT and ManMadeMans facebook page once they have been sent and 100% of the money will be donated!

In addition, here’s a first-hand account of the deadly earthquake that took place in Nepal, written by Armin:

"Our scene always speaks of unity, of the greater good, of how "special" and social we let"s prove that"

Please support Nepal and spread the news! Thank you from the heart!

The earthquake in Nepal and how we can help as a scene

 As many of you probably know, Boom Shankar was in the Nepal as the Earthquake hit, so he had a first-hand insight into the devastation this beautiful country and its people have to deal with. Our friends at Mushroom Magazine asked him to write an article on my experience there, and here is his story....aiming to help those in need. Please follow the link, share it, and if you want to help this good cause you will find all info on how in the text.

► In addition our brother Suduaya managed to help many by gathering donations in order to provide tents, blankets and food to villages no help has yet arrived. He is on his way back to France today, but the project still goes on! You can see the progress and the first results on his Facebook page and here on this YouTube video!

► We will release another EP of him on BMSS Records in the coming days where all income will be donated to this project. More info asap via this page and all related ones!

► This EP is the follow-up to our last campaign with Manmademan where we managed to raise money as well with the sales of our Soundproof EP. Many of you supported us already, thank you so much! heart emoticon Maybe you want to support us too? If that`s the case, please follow one of those links to either Bandcamp or Re:Volt. You can even download the tracks for free, but I would be happy if you could add an amount you could manage based on your income!

► Our Psytrance scene has a deep connection to Nepal, since the 60s the Nepalis welcome the Hippies with open arms, many of us went to this beautiful country and were amazed by the friendliness and helpfulness of it’s people…and now it’s up to us to give them something back. Our scene always speaks of unity, of the greater good, of how "special” and social we are…now let’s prove that these are not fake characterizations but the essence of us.

In case you still haven"t realized the importance of us helping those in need, we recommend watching this video:

Odiolab`s debut album: Medieval

 BMSS Records proudly presents Medieval, the stunning debut album of the Greek band Odiolab. A versatile excursion through sonic spaces and audible pathways, a voyage through a vast range of Up-tempo celebrations and Down-tempo meditations, grooves, rhythms and arrangements. The two members Labros and Diogenes offer a unique approach to the terms Psychedelic and Trance through a story telling and surprising concept which has it"s true influences in the ancient Greek mythology. Classical instruments form a harmony with the latest inventions technology has to offer. The result is an epic album which pays respect and tribute to all time classics, but will surprise the experienced listener and the demanding audiophile. This is truly music!

"The ecstatic vision of madness leads down under to the god of thunder. Drawn on her breast is the golden ratio. As darkness falls, waves rise higher but the lighthouse stands tall. Leading the spirit to the vertex where conceit lurks."

Get it at Bandcamp, Psyshop, Goastore, Beatspace and Beatport.

Alice im Wummerland - Chapter VII (Spring Equinox 2015)

 Spring Equinox is upcoming and thus it’s time for...

Alice im Wummerland!

This 7th chapter of Germany’s biggest indoor event will feature a massive range of artists and styles on 4 floors, from Psytrance to Progressive and from Forest to Chill Out.

An additional Open Air area, free mineral water and an exceptional main floor decoration by Mimesis will be the cherry on the cake.

The sonic alchemists of this edition include ManMadeMan, Vertex, Middle Mode, Boom Shankar, Daksinamurti, PsiloCybian, Dsompa, Patara among our BMSS Records allstars and a wild bunch of our friends.

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Wummerland, see you this Saturday in Mannheim and remember:

"It’s always tea-time and we are all mad here!"

More info?

Check out the event page on Facebook
Or visit us at the event website!

Perfect Tone - Pray From Africa EP out now

Bringing up an EP debut with unique sound isn’t easy - unless you’re called Perfect Tone. Be prepared for his Pray from Africa EP, holding three smashing bombs, with a perfect crossover of pumping Progressive and charming Fullon rhythms. Let his voodoo magic work!

Get the EP at Beatport

Freak Control - Time And Space EP out now

With their debut EP Freak Control are firing up a pure monster. Full-on rhythms, psychedelic power and their huge knowledge in Trance makes Time & Space an outstanding piece of music, produced by Ben Malka and Segev Haim.

Get the Time and Space EP at Beatport

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