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Listen to "On Air" by Anam Fio

 "On Air" mixed by Anam Fio from BMSS Records is a contribution to the radiOzora Trance Channel broadcasted 02.-07.09.2014.

Made with love for music lovers.

This sonic safari is a fine blend of Progressive & Psygressive Trance drawing attention to a deep mind space aswell as to funky rhythm and lucid frequencies. 120 minutes featuring top-notch artists such as Nitrodrop, Darma, Black Mesa, Datacult, ManMadeMan, Hujaboy, Easy Riders, Major7 and many more, including latest releases and some goldies.

Tune in and drop out !

Out now: Kali - Typology

Enjoy our latest EP release! Out now via Beatport...

Kali - Typology

 Creativity strikes back with the latest sonic revelation of Kali!

Combine a juicy and fat production with oldschoolish vibes referring back to the 90`s and you come close to what`s Typology is all about, a master-blaster release we are more than happy to share with you!


01: Kali - Spooky Stuff
02: Kali - Typology

Mastering: XSI
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 11.09.14 via Beatport

BrightLight & Symbolico - Question answered

 "Is there life on Mars?" "Are we going to transform into another spiritual being after we die?" "What is the meaning of life?"

These are essential questions, but unfortunately, we can`t provide you with an answer. But let`s try again:

"Is there Psychedelic Trance out there which is not following the same structures, patterns and boring trends?"

This is the kind of question BrightLight & Symbolico can answer! And they reply to it with a massive sonic output, a musical versatility and a creative answer unlike anything you have heard before.

Combine BrightLights` taste of pure spiritual Psytrance, his tribal approach and his cutting-edge production skills with Symbolicos` holistic vision of the term Psychedelic and his wide definition of the genre labeled Progressive Trance and the outcome is something quite unique, a fusion of two friends, of two artists forming a union of sound, music and spirit.

Question answered consists of four tracks, collaborations and remixes, perfectly show-casting the intellectual and truly artistic approach of those two producers. Once again, the outcome is far more than the sum of its parts...


01: BrightLight & Symbolico - Question answered
02: Symbolico - Starlit Sand (BrightLight Remix)
03: Symbolico - Magical Chi (BrightLight Remix)
04: Symbolico - Allow

Mastering: Shahar Wolper
Design: Kuluri

Release date: 26.08.14 via Beatport

Hujaboy - Fractured

 Hujaboys` latest revelation of sound takes you on a high-voltage full-power Psytech journey through all layers of the psychedelic bubble by using the latest sonic tweaks and effects. Nir provides a supaclean cutting-edge production and a deep dive through the world of Psychedelics, manifested in this two-tracker:


We at BMSS Records are more than happy to enrich our scene with something truly unique, something truly psychedelic and trippy. Hujaboy never followed the common structures, he gives a beep about trends and tendencies, but remains true to his musical other words, this is art again, this is different and this is rocking and fully tripping your balls off!


01: Hujaboy- Mindset=Free
02: Hujaboy - Fractured

Mastering: Nir Shoshoni
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 18.08.14 via Beatport

Skizologic - Adrenochrome

 It`s time to travel back to the golden age of the 90`s, to a time when analogue composition and original production were the key to a unique sonic experience. Skizologic did this travel and what he brought with him is the perfect bridge between the ancient times and the modern production skills:


We at BMSS Records are thrilled to release this special EP full of deepness, groove and heaps of Goa Trance, all in a design made to guide you through the night and early mornings. The cherry on top is the final track "Dreams" - a collaboration between Skizologic and BrightLight which will clear the density of this EP and will uplift you towards the morning light...


01: Skizologic - Adrenochrome
02: Skizologic - Space Rythem
03: Skizologic - Atmosphere
04: Skizologic & BrightLight - Dreams are a form of Consciousness

Mastering: BrightLight
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: 12.08.14 via Beatport

Out now: ShivaTree - ManMadeMan - Skizologic - Hujaboy

Enjoy our latest EP releases! Out now via Beatport...

ManMadeMan - Scarabeus

 Do you remember the time when a track labeled "Goa Trance" consisted of a unique story and represented a piece of sonic art taking you to other places, states of mind and consciousness? These times seem to be long gone...but there is hope on the way, a new horizon is about to appear and the first light shining through is reflected by two sonic wizards from the UK: ManMadeMan.

We at BMSS Records are more than proud to present you "Scarabeus", a three-track master-piece of these true Pioneers of Goa Trance.

Sands of Time, Contact and the title track Scarabeus are all equipped with massive grooves, hypnotic atmospheres, intense acid lines and a story-telling progression which will take you on a musical adventure through the ages...paying tribute to those early days but bringing the outcome back to the present with cutting-edge production skills and a dancefloor orientation which will result in a lot of kicked-up dust swirling around the mayhem they are about to create! Hop on board and travel back to the future with ManMadeMan...


01: ManMadeMan - Contact
02: ManMadeMan - Sands of Time
03: ManMadeMan - Scarabeus

Mastering: Storm Mastering
Design: Hakan Hisim

Release date: Out now via Beatport!

ShivaTree - Cosmic Waves

 BMSS Records is proud to present "Cosmic Waves" - the latest sonic manifestation by ShivaTree from Israel.

The two master-minds behind this project deliver three musical gems which combine cutting edge Psychedelic Trance with a huge Retro Goa flavor of the 90"s, a bridge between the ages which for sure is going to kick up some dust this summer season!


01: ShivaTree - Spectral Sign
02: ShivaTree - Hold & Smoke
03: ShivaTree - Spiritual Mode

Mastering: Static Movments
Design: Mark Bash

Release date: Out now via Beatport!

S.U.N. Festival 2014: Boom Shankar

 Kicking off into deep space from the Pleiadians, pulsating through an oldschool Goa drenched morning nebula and transforming into something truly beautiful the moment the first rays of sunlight hit the dancefloor...

Enjoy the live recording of Boom Shankars deep sonic interconnection with all you beautiful S.U.N. Festival 2014 folks!

The mix features many upcoming BMSS releases and a lot of oldschool Goa Trance remixes over the duration of 2 hours. Tune in and live through all these beautiful moments once again!

Thank you all for your energy & much ♥

Boom Shankar!

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