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Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2013

 The 2013 edition of the Trancers Guide To The Galaxy has been published and is now available for distribution. 35 country profiles from around the world describing each country’s Trance and party community, its festivals, its locations, its people, and its history will be your indispensable guide for the beginning summer season. BMSS Records Boom Shankar was responsible for the articles dealing with Southern Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.

With a circulation of 50 000 copies the Hamburg based music magazine has been produced by the makers of the renowned mushroom magazine. With almost 20 years of experience in psychedelic electronic music and its worldwide cultural manifestations this new Guide after a 5 year break brings you colorful inside country reports about a music scene which is blossoming worldwide.

Both the new mushroom magazine and the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy can be found here. Enjoy!

New release by Holon: The Quantum Tunnel (Out now!)

 BMSS Records is proud to present the latest sonic output of Mexican mastermind, Holon, part of In Lak Ech. Holon has his own unique way of musical expression as demonstrated in the original track "New World Order", by teaming up with Architekt and remixing Mechanimal and Coretech`s "The Energy of Light".

A Holon is a system which is an evolving self-organizing dissipative structure, composed of other holons, ranging from the smallest subatomic particles and strings, all the way up to the multiverse, comprising many universes. Holon brings his sounds to life using driving kick and bassline combinations, highly psychedelic soundscapes and hypnotizing elements.

Carefully mastered by Colin OOOD to ensure maximum dancefloor resonance, with beautifully designed artwork by Visual Paradise, this EP is a holistic piece of art. These tracks will rock this season big time and we look forward to taking you on a trip through the Quantum Tunnel!


01: Holon - New World Order
02: Holon & Architekt - Micro Textures
03: Mechanimal & Coretech - The Energy of Light (Holon Remix)

Release date: 25.06.13 exclusively via Beatport

Mastering by Colin Bennun (OOOD)
Design by Visual Paradise (Catalyst)

Chaofoan / Mixed by Carstus Maximus (BMSS Germany)

 Its about time for a new Dj Mix of BMSS Records Dj Carstus Maximus from Germany! One and a half hour of blasting Psychedelic Trance with this certain Forest touch, Maximus is known for. Enjoy and play this baby out loud!

Carstus Maximus - Chaofoan

Release date: 13.06.13
Design by Acora

Speed: 150 Bpm
Duration: 01:16 hours

Carstus Maximus on BMSS
BMSS Records on Facebook

Vjane Juladi scores 1. place at Genevas Mapping Festival!

This years winner of the Mapping Festival VJ Contest in Geneva is our BMSS visual artist VJane Juladi. Elke Radtke from Germany was successful with her real live performance...congratulations sista!

Check out the first round of the performance from Juladi in Geneva, Switzerland and please note that the music was chosen by the jury and not by the artist!

Since 7 years Juladi enriches the video art scene, playing at Video Art and Music Festivals like Ozora (Hungary), Fusion Festival (Germany), Winter Solstice (Australia), Luminate Festival (New Zealand), Transition Festival (Spain) and as well taught her video art in Mexico City at the Arts University San Carlos in 2011. Her specialty is analog, handmade visuals. She uses her hands, feathers, leafs or fabrics in combination with her camera to blend it live into the the music. The senses are invited to journey through the beautiful composition of picture and sound.

The Mapping Festival is a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to audiovisual arts and digital cultures. As the sole broadcasting space of this magnitude in Switzerland, the festival is now also recognized internationally, and this with the richness of programming. Mapping Festival offers every year audiovisual performances, installations, clubbing parties, live performances, architectural mapping, as well as workshops and conferences. Thanks to this unique diversity aspect, the festival is recognized throughout the world as an major event, a real experimental meeting space, for creation and exchange with its innovative thinking in the field of audiovisual arts.


For more background info check out Mapping Festival, Juladis homepage or her Facebook page!

New release: Spinal Fusion / Inner Peace - Out on Beatport!

 Spinal Fusion, brought to you from the mother land of India via BMSS Records, promises to deliver three sonic masterpieces guaranteed to cause a dust storm on the dancefloor.

Crystal-clear production, solid basslines and enough psychedelic elements to transport your mind to outer space but with enough groove to keep you feet glued to Earth. The EP consists of two solo tracks and a collaboration with Earbug, all of which have been carefully mastered by Silicon Sound to ensure maximum aural pleasure and presence.

Get Inner Peace exclusively via Beatport!


01: Spinal Fusion / Reality equals Illusion
02: Spinal Fusion / Inner Peace
03: Spinal Fusion & Earbug / Self Realization

Release date: 08.05.13 exclusively via Beatport

Mastering by Silicon Sound
Design by Hakan Hisim

Meller Live @ Friedas Büxe in Zurich (May 2013)

Enjoy Meller Live @ Friedas Büxe in Zurich / Switzerland. The atmosphere in this lovely club was absolutely magic and special. Meller loved it!

EldarLife / Live in Oslo

 Enjoy this special set from EldarLife, part of the Norwegian Psy Trance group PhasePhour, recorded live at "Love Bomb" in Oslo / Norway on April 20th 2013. Floating Ambient channels with dubby Chill Out...perfect to enjoy a night chilled-out!

EldarLife - Live at Maenefisken
20. April 2013 Oslo / Norway

Release date: 28.04.13
Design by Anna Karenina

Style: Chill Out & Ambient
Duration: 00:57 hours


01: EldarLife - What drives the Universe
02: EldarLife - Gone Gong
03: PhasePhour - Unpronounced Numbers
04: PhasePhour - Moment
05: EldarLife - Bell Chill
06: EldarLife / Henning Ruud
07: PhasePhour - Tetraphobia
08: EldarLife - Mathematic illusion
09: EldarLife - Chillwinter
10: PhasePhour - The Land

EldarLife / PhasePhour on Facebook
EldarLife on Soundcloud
BMSS Records on Facebook

16 hours of Live & Dj Sets from BMSS artists for you!

 Enjoy this collection of Live Sets and Dj Mixes from our artists: 15 hours of sonic delights...should bring you through the day and the night! :)

* EldarLife - Live @ Maenefisken
(Recorded live in Oslo / Norway 2013) (Chill Out)

* Hell Blau - Spritual Healing
(Dj Mix 2013) (Psy Trance)

* Sequoya - Live @ Alice im Wummerland III
(Recorded live in Mannheim / Germany 2013) (Forest)

* Boom Shankar - Apsaras, Demons and a Butterfly
(Dj Mix 2013) (Psy Trance)

* Azar - Live @ Transition Festival
(Recorded live in Almonte / Spain 2013) (Psy Trance)

* PhasePhour - Live in Oslo
(Recorded live in Oslo / Norway 2012) (Psy Trance)

* Alexsoph & Boom Shankar (ABS)- Live @ Hadra Festival
(Live recorded in France 2012) (Psy Trance)

* Interconnekted- Live @ Transition Festival
(Live recorded in Almonte / Spain 2011) (Psy Trance)

* Astral Gnomix- Live @ Aquaria
(Live recorded at Konstanz / Germany 2011) (Goa Trance)

* Boom Shankar - Special Spices
(Dj Mix 2012) (Chill Out)

* Boom Shankar - Live @ Ozora Festival
(Live recorded at Ozora / Hungary 2011) (Psy Trance)

Meller Live @ Alice im Wummerland III (BMSS Label Party)

Some footage from our label party in Mannheim / Germany featuring Meller Live! The guys rocked the Progressive floor big time, awesome vibes and lovely peeps! Thank you all for coming and see you again in October!

Thank you for your Transition!

Thank you for your Transition

Transition - ONE with Nature!

Thanx to everyone who channeled their energy, their vision and their dedication into this amazing Transition experience! Its hard to find suitable words fully catching the energy, the love, the connectedness, the vibe and the power of this gathering...but we expect everyone taking part feels it, knows it and made his or her Transition!

This festival contained the source of what the Trance scene is all about and we are so happy to have shared these great moments of joy with each and everyone of us! Love to all of you, we are connected more than ever and this is just the beginning of something much much bigger!

Thank you for your Transition, thank you for your energy, your love, dedication and your being!

Muchas gracias to Lara Aisha & Carmen Fernandez for providing us with these beautiful Photos!

In addition, enjoy these 33 compressed seconds of pure Transition by Andrea:

Azar put his Transition set he played on Thursday morning to his Soundcloud page, give it a listen, it will trigger some nice memories!

...and see you in the next edition of Transition!
09.04.2014 - 14.04.2014
Almonte / Spain

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