Here it is! The massively anticipated second volume of the Tribal Lineage compilation, expertly curated by BMSS head-honcho Boom Shankar.

Boom Shankar is an emblematic figure in the psychedelic trance scene - a pioneer, incessant traveler and psychedelic explorer who racks-up innumerable DJ sets in all 4 corners of the globe, transporting cutting-edge sounds to horizons new. Over the last 20+ years, his label BMSS has become renowned for fostering genuine innovators and other misfits from the underground trance scene, a unique platform for like-minded producers and DJs to explore and excel at their craft free from constraints or fleeting fashions. The result is a brother and sisterhood of individuals from all around the world united by a singular vision of a healing state of trance, futuristic technology and, ultimately, common tribal roots.

Totaling over 3:30 hours and no less than 28 tracks, this compilation features many stalwarts from the BMSS stable, as well as other close friends of the label. With BPMs ranging from 132 to 147, this is a complex, varied and eclectic tapestry of the different facets of the psychedelic trance bubble. Night and day, progressive and Full-on, Goa and Twilight, Brother Moon and Sister Sun, the proverbial Yin and Yang - all are represented in this awe inspiring collection of highly volatile psychoactive material.

Unrestrained, relentless and profoundly psychedelic: this is the ultimate showcase of the BMSS sound and an insight into the now legendary extended Boom Shankar DJ sets.

Music is our common ancestral language. This is Tribal Lineage 2.


01: PsiloCybian - Heebie-Jeebies
02: Triceradrops - Purple Sunshine
03: Sidekicks - Anti-Hero
04: Qhemist & The Trancemancer - Ayahuasca
05: Moon Tripper - Behind Time
06: Bunker Jack - Hope is stronger than Fear
07: Inverse Out - Liquidimension
08: Electrypnose - Atacama (Deliriant Remix)
09: Narko - 100 Doses (BMSS Mix)
10: Triton - Motivation Protocol
11: Kundalini - Silent Moment
12: Mind Lab & Kundalini - Super Structure
13: Arkadia - Groovy
14: Mind Lab - Places to Go
15: Psychotropists - Shivatropist
16: Anthropod - Molecular Structures
17: Exolon - Angry Planet
18: Argon Sphere - Code
19: Solitary Shell & Bio-Logikal - Carbon Cycle
21: LunaRave - Reality Program
22: Narko & Krunch - Inside Out
23: Sabretooth - Face the Strange
24: Strange Cookies & No Cliu - Sunny Day
25: H-Sunrise - Harmonic Fury
26: Atoned Splendor - Pandora`s Groove
27: Datacult - Symbiont
28: Mr Snookems & His Slynxs - Discotize me

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: Sketch Inc. [BMSS]

Release date:

29.06.20 via Beatport [Single Tracks] and 03.07.20 via Bandcamp [Full VA]

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