Following on from Chapter 1 comes an eclectic mix of music destined for daylight tripping. 14 tracks that define what the BMSS catalog has come to stand for over the last two decades.

"Return to the Source - Chapter 2" retests the limits and breaks out into a free flow of emotion and feeling. Prioritizing style over labels and arbitrary genres, label manager Boom Shankar curates just as he performs.

The second part of this 20th anniversary release continues the voyage from night into daytime music. Pleiadians remix a truly foundational classic by Technossomy, pioneer ManMadeMan teleports back to the source with a brand new track, new signing Inverse Out from Finland appears on a solo track as well as a collaboration with Vertical, and The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent) resurrect a modern Goa Trance hymn.

"Game Changer" by Argon Sphere, a collaborative tribal piece by Atoned Splendor and Six Ears from China and the emotive closing track by Datacult and GMO are all pieces that push the boundaries of modern Psychedelic Trance by momentarily erasing them.

Alongside these clever re-interpretations and genre bending music, the intensely psychedelic visionary art of Aashit Singh provides visual fuel. His fusion of the old and the new creates a bridge between the past and the present where Plus 6 Mastering full bodied analog sound gives each audible detail a clearly defined space. Unusual choices. New points of inspiration.

A return to the past through the forward looking lens of the now. A selection to remind us that there are no rules & no limits.


01: Ascent - Pagans
02: The Key (Ovnimoon & Ascent) - Namaha
03: Sabretooth - Ravey Gravy
04: Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Pleiadians Remix)
05: ManMadeMan - Power Surge
06: Kundalini - Butterfly Effect
07: Vertical & Inverse Out - Lure
08: Kundalini - Mind the Gap
09: Inverse Out (Frosty Fennic & Tim Duster) - Makes Sense
10: Soul Kontakt & Mind Lab - Beyond Infinity
11: Atoned Splendor & Six Ears - Return of the Sid
12: Argon Sphere - Game Changer
13: Alchemix - What is Reality? (Mind Lab Remix)
14: Datacult & GMO - Dragon Wings

Mastering: Micky Noise [Plus Six Mastering]
Design: Aashit Singh []

Release date:

10.12.18 via Bandcamp & Beatport (Digital) & 14.12.18 via Psyshop (CD)

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