Takttrauma`s debut compilation refuses to compromise. "Subspace" is an explosive selection of tracks that define energy, pacing, varying landscapes and textures. Developed over a 12 month period and inspired by collective experiences and connections made over his ten year career, the result is a symbiosis of nature and technology.

Organic, synthetic, digital, analog, this compilation takes you on a spontaneous trancendental journey. These seismic tracks are a seamless flow of nighttime energy and day time joy. Escape from your urban cage into a wilderness of groovy crackling sounds that defy space and time. Swirling sounds and clarion calls from the Psychedelic forest will magnetize any open air dance floor.

Reawaken your primal energies. Return to the primeval forest. Reconnect with your inner child.


01: Hypnocoustics - Auratoria (M-Theory Remix)
02: Middle Mode - Livada
03: Datacult & Takttrauma - Subspace
04: Hypnoise & Helios - Gravitational Effects
05: Reversed Logic & Djantrix - Exogenesis
06: PsiloCybian - Eccentric Gardener
07: Tera - Twilight Zone
08: Braincell - Information Overload
09: Meander & Ridden - Dead Languages
10: By The Rain - Exit Season

Mastering: RES Mastering (Mechanimal)
Design: Zeidgeiz

Release date:

16.01.17 via Beatport (Digital) and 20.01.17 via Psyshop (CD)

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