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A fair deal: Bandcamp

Today we started our cooperation with Bandcamp, one of the most likeable digital distributors of music.

The company offers by far the fairerst deals in comparision with all the other major download platforms, so you dont need to pay any handling fee, wav upgrade fee or any other unfair trick most companies use to get more money out of your pockets which by the way never finds its way to the artist or label...

Check it out, the prices for lossless tracks are a lot cheaper than in other shops and we even lowered the prices down to €1 for our latest tracks plus there will be a free track for you to download if you check out our latest compilation Transition!

A good and fair way to stock up your collection!

Check out BMSS Records on Bandcamp

Vj(ane)s @ Transition

We are very happy to announce the Vjs for this years edition of Transition Festival:

Juladi, Maex Steel, Lysid and Sumishii Aran plus some more surprises will make sure, that the festival will be perfectly set in perfectly in and will be in sync with nature. Get a feeling of what is upcoming with Juladi`s hand-made version of Suduaya"s "Come back to Life" and see you on the dancefloor soon!

New music from Astral Gnomix & Boom Shankar

We have new music for you in order to lift you off to a beautiful weekend!

Boom Shankar recorded a new mix which is focussing on the more shanti side of Psy Trance and features some vintage vinyls, some golden evergreens, some upcoming BMSS stuff and some unreleased gems. The outcome is quite out of the ordinary and more storytelling than his previous mixes. But...let the music speak and enjoy this special low bpm ride!

In addition and to celebrate the birth of his son Artha, we enabled the download option of Astral Gnomix Live Recording from Aquaria which took place precisely a year ago. Fans of the oldschool melodic and analogue Goa Trance should find what they are always looking for - the essence and roots of our sonic origin!

Enjoy this two flashbacks from Aquaria!

Ozora 2011 - The official video by Pumpui

Pumpui released the official video for Ozora 2011 which was at least for us the best Ozora ever! Such great memories come back watching the magic, so many friends to spot and so many smiles it will create when you watch it!

It was one of the festivals we will never forget...playing for the global family in this surrounding with this amazing energy level - unforgettable! Thank you again Balasz, Oleg and the whole Ozora family for your energy, vision and spirit...We will keep Ozora in our hearts forever and we are sooo looking forward to our re-unification with all the tribes at S.U.N. Festival! ♥

More info on S.U.N. Festival

Revolve Magazine 2012

The Revolve Winter edition is out! Full of articles, interviews and reviews, this edition will give you a wide insight in many of the Psytrance related news and developments.

Interviews with Ianuaria and Materia, articles about the World Bank and the Federal Reserve, an introduction to Hadra`s latest signing Lakay, reviews of the summer festivals and as well on many releases of the past months, including VA / Transition this issue is something worth reading!

You can download this issue as a hi-res pdf from our servers. Feel free to spread the link!

Download / Open Revolve Winter issue 2012

Transition 2011 - Memories & Anticipation

Transition is upcoming, time to travel back with your memories and feelings to the previous edition! We see you in April for the next adventure!

Editing and FX by Multiman. Videos by Multiman and Boom Shankar. Track "Transition" appeared on VA / Transition (BMSSCD005)

BMSS and the S.U.N. Festival Family

We have a new track of Hypnocoustics for you!

Based on our connection with the S.U.N. Festival Family, you will find from now on regularely fresh and unreleased music from our artists on their webpage.

This is already a morning monsta not to be missed but there is much more coming... Check it out and feel free to download!

We are very much looking forward to whats upcoming from the former Ozora crew as cooperations with Boom and Glade are already confirmed!

It looks like a sunny summer ahead...join us and tune in!

Download Hypnocoustics - Ashtamangala via S.U.N. Festival

New BMSS T-Shirts

There is a new little company out there which is run by Multiman and his friends:


They are interested in experimenting with new ideas within the whole realm of Art and Technology, new and old…

A highly qualified crew of artists making stuff out of light, colours, materials, sounds or super-futuristic DIY projects aiming to trade fairly with their sisters and brothers.

One of their first creation is the official BMSS T-Shirt for 2012. Hand-made and screen printed, the shirt is made with high quality, fairtrade organic cotton and eco-friendly inks!

Check out their new shop, more products are added on a monthly base...

More info: BMSS T-Shirt 2012

Decorations @ Transition 2012

We are very happy announcing the visual artists for this years edition of Transition. The main artist will without any doubts be the most amazing artist ever: Nature!

In case you were already part of Transition, you know about the beauty and tranquility this part of Andalusia has to offer. Situated in the northern part of the Donana National Park you can be sure to be welcomed by one of the most beautiful landscapes Southern Europe has to offer.

Especially in this time of the year, in spring, Nature will treat you with one of her most stunning performances. Lush vegetation in combination with the fresh smell of spring....simply beautiful! Have you heard of the Flamingos and Horses nearby? Something worth checking out!

As Transition has as well the focus on man-made art, you can be sure we invited some very talented crews and artists who will transform this natural oasis in an even more colorful wonderland. Coming with tons of backdrops and natural material, kilometers of fluoro strings and some more surprises, we are happy to have 5 different artist crews present at this years Transition:

The legendary Tribe of Frog from the UK, partly based in Spain nowadays alongside Ganesha Space Garden from Argentina, Jamas and Neonovy from Germany plus Wamba from Spain will make sure you will enter a colorful wonderland completely in harmony with nature!

We are looking forward welcoming you to it!

See you at our upcoming BMSS Label Parties!

We hope you slided nicely into 2012, may this year be the Transition year we are all waiting for! A Transition away from the material world towards a more consciousness oriented one! We will offer you the perfect frame to unite with your fellow Trancers in April: see you at Transition Festival 2012 in Southern Spain!

But even before there will be some great chances to connect with us! We hope to see you at one of the upcoming BMSS Label Parties in Brighton (UK), Berlin (Germany) and Oslo (Norway). We are already planning more tour stops, so in case you are a Promoter willing to have us over, please get in contact with us.

14.01.2012 Freak Bazaar presents BMSS Label Party
(Volks / Brighton / United Kingdom)

The first stop will be in Brighton (UK). The Freak Bazaar Family invited Soul Kontakt (Live) and Boom Shankar (Dj set) to Volks, a beautiful club at the seashore of Brighton to rock the night.

Additional performances by Adsimeon (Somethin Groovy), Niquid (Psychedelicious), Clayton (Freak Bazaar) and Kayaman (Freak Bazaar) will guarantee a night of psychedelic Extravaganza. And if you care to wander downstairs you will be greeted with downtempo and prog trance from Sergical Spirit (Somethin" Groovy), Piatrixx (Psy Sundays), Mental Silence (Debut! Freak Bazaar) and Trancient (Freak Bazaar). We hope to see you there!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Brighton on Facebook

21.01.2012 Natraj Temple presents Winter Dance
(Natraj Temple / Berlin / Germany)

The second stop will be Berlin (Germany), the venue the Natraj Temple. Most of you probably came across this name already, as the former Natraj was THE Goa trance club in Germany in the mid nineties. After relocating to Berlin some years ago, the old spirit is ready to come to life again! Atma and Boom Shankar will make sure you will have a hell of a party!

This is as well the second tour stop for Atma"s Music Revolution tour, so you can expect a very long and special Live Act from Atma; a combination of his latest Music Revolution tracks with his golden evergreens...melting into something quite unique! Boom Shankar will play two sets framing Atmas Live Act, so get ready for 4 hours of excusite Psychedelic Trance. Both shows will be set in motion by Sumishii Aran (Maex Steel & Lysid) provising a visual performance perfectly synchronized with the music...

In addition, we will have free CDs with us so the first guests will receive our latest release for free! So come early, grab your copy of Atma"s Music Revolution and get ready for a blasting night!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Berlin on Facebook

18.02.2012 Love & Magic presents We are not Machines
(Manefisken / Olso / Norway)

The third Label Party will happen in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Our latest signing Phase Phour returned from the US to their homebase in Norway, a perfect reason for celebration! They will showcast their latest tracks in a mind-bending Live performance - get ready for this one! In addition Label head Boom Shankar will have his debut gig in Norway, so you can be sure to experience a night full of great vibes and energy!

More info: BMSS Label Party in Oslo on Facebook

We are looking forward seeing you at those parties or at Transition Festival in April! Much love and have a great start of 2012!
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