Real names:
Pedro Matias
Live Act
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

Exolon Biography

Exolon emerges as the vibrant manifestation of Pedro Matias, renowned as DJ Fluxo, a luminary in the realm of psychedelic trance and a trailblazer among Portugal`s Psytrance artists. A co-founder of the esteemed Quest4Goa collective, Pedro has not only shaped but co-created the enduring party and festival landscape in Portugal, a legacy spanning over a decade. His indomitable presence has extended beyond Exolon to include other musical ventures, such as Chilled C`Quence, Uasca, and Photonik.

Pedro`s odyssey has traversed the illustrious path of festivals, weaving through iconic gatherings like Boom Festival, Hadra Festival, Dream Gathering, Sonica Festival, ZNA Gathering, and Infected Festival, among others. Along this journey, his dedication and love for the craft have crystallized the sonic embodiment of the Fluxo dance floor vision into the mesmerizing soundscape of Exolon.

At its core, Exolon is a pulsating symphony of powerful melodic psychedelic trance. Each composition is meticulously crafted, an intentional sonic voyage aimed at expanding consciousness. Filled with evocative emotional patterns and rhythmic cadence, Exolon`s music is a conduit to a higher plane. Spiritual chants murmur eternal melodies, guiding the listener on a shamanic exploration, transforming the entire experience into a danceable odyssey through cosmic realms within the collective psychedelic universe. Exolon`s sonic tapestry elevates the spirit, creating an immersive and transformative journey into the expansive and ethereal dimensions of trance music.

Marking his live debut in June 2016, Exolon`s entrancing performances swiftly became a focal point at major Portuguese events, earning him resounding acclaim from enthusiastic crowds and event organizers alike. Pedro`s musical prowess did not go unnoticed, drawing the attention of the influential DJ Boom Shankar and the esteemed German-based label BMSS Records.

In a harmonious alignment of cosmic energies, BMSS Records released Exolon`s debut EP, titled "Spiritual Voices." This transformative collection of tracks not only showcased Pedro`s profound musicality but also served as an auditory portal into the realm of Exolon`s sonic universe.

The recognition and support garnered from "Spiritual Voices" led to a special invitation for both Exolon and DJ Fluxo to join BMSS Records, an esteemed label known for nurturing and championing psychedelic visionary artists. Welcomed into the BMSS family, Pedro found himself amidst a community of like-minded creatives, adding another layer to his artistic journey.

This pivotal moment marked not just a collaboration but a convergence of artistic energies, establishing Exolon as a vital force within the psychedelic trance scene. The union with BMSS Records signified a chapter of growth, collaboration, and boundless creativity for Exolon and Pedro Matias, encapsulating the essence of a special and wonderful family of visionary artists.

In the intricate tapestry of Exolon`s musical journey, pivotal releases on his home label, BMSS Records, have underscored significant milestones. Paralel to BMSS Records, Exolon has seamlessly integrated his sonic signature into the catalogs of influential labels such as Dacru Records.

The rhythmic cadence and ethereal tones that characterize Exolon`s discography have made a distinct impact on the realm of psychedelic trance. His contributions to these respected labels speak to his ability to navigate the psychedelic musical realms while retaining the authenticity that defines his sound.

In the current phase of his creative exploration, Exolon finds himself on the brink of a significant undertaking. With a meticulously rebuilt studio as his canvas, he embarks on the creation of his solo album. This forthcoming project promises to be a sonic journey, a reflection of his musical evolution and the experiences garnered throughout his career.

As the studio hums with creative energy, Exolon immerses himself in the process of composition, with each beat and melody echoing the passion and dedication that define his musical ethos. With a solo album on the horizon and collaborative ventures in progress, Exolon stands as a steadfast contributor, poised to carve nuanced sonic dimensions in the ever-evolving landscape of psychedelic trance.

Exolon`s magnetic presence has transcended borders, captivating audiences across diverse corners of the globe. His performances have resonated on international stages, from the picturesque landscapes of the Azores Islands to the vibrant fields of Hungary`s SUN Festival. The Lebanese hills of Ain Dara have reverberated with his beats at Aywa Festival, while the majestic Portuguese land has witnessed the enchanting spectacle of Exolon at the renowned Boom Festival.

Beyond European shores, Exolon has carried his sonic voyage to the Americas, leaving an indelible imprint on audiences in Brazil and Mexico. His music, a conduit for transcendence, has resonated through the hearts of diverse cultures, creating a shared experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

As the rhythmic pulse of Exolon`s music continues to echo across continents, his journey remains one of perpetual exploration. Catch a glimpse of his sonic tapestry at a festival nearby, where the magic of Exolon`s performance awaits to transport you into the expansive realms of psychedelic trance. An invitation to join this sonic journey is an opportunity to experience the convergence of music and culture, creating moments that linger in the collective memory of festival-goers.

BMSS releases

Videos, Live & Dj Sets



18 Years Porto-Rio : Trance Music (Portugal)
AYWA Festival (Lebanon)
Boivão the Ritual (Portugal)
Boom Festival (Portugal)
Deep Forest Festival (Portugal)
Digital Connection with Talamasca (Portugal)
Digital PATH (Portugal)
Emotions | Space Music Drops (Portugal)
Forest Soul Gathering (Portugal)
Freaky Fiction - Spiritual Gate (Portugal)
Freaky`s Universe (Portugal)
Fusion Gatherings Carnival (Portugal)
Hardclub (Portugal)
IK Ritual Gathering (Portugal)
Indigo Generation 5 (Portugal)
Infected Festival (Portugal)
Insomnia Electronic Music & Art Festival (Portugal)
Magic New Year (Portugal)
Magnetik Trip (Portugal)
Mystical Motion (Portugal)
Orange Sunshine - Crystal Matrix (Portugal)
Oreade Trance Festival (France)
Psychedelic Collision! (Portugal)
Psychedelic Thursdays Porto Psytrance Sessions (Portugal)
Psynergy #3 | Sala Underland (Spain)
Satyagraha (Brazil)
Shankra Festival (Switzerland)
Space Odyssey II: Holographic World (México)
Spiritual VOID ± Fluxo 43 Solar Cycles (Portugal)
SUN Festival (Hungary)
Time Warp 3 (Portugal)
Twisted Grove (Portugal)
UnXp B-day (Açores Islands)
Waking Life (Portugal)
Weltenbummler - Save the last dance (Germany)
When Magic Happens 4 Edition (Portugal)
ZNA Gathering (Fluxo old school DJ set)
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