Real names:
Jamal Damnedge
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Twilight Psytrance
USA & Malaysia
Denver & Kuala Lumpur

Damnedge Biography

Damnedge is a Psychedelic Trance DJ who is of Persian / Russian / Malaysian bloodline. He has been travelling the world since the 90s and has also lived in a dozen countries and hence truly sees himself without a country and a flag but as a real world citizen.

He experimented with Vinyl DJing in Australia back in the late 90s but due to his travels he could not go deeply into it until he rekindled his passion in the 2010s when he moved back to Malaysia and started attending Psytrance festivals in the region; especially Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This is what soon led him to join Epic Tribe - the leading Psytrance pioneers in Malaysia - as a DJ with the tribe leader Radzy who has been in charge of making the magical Belantara Festivals in the tropical rainforests of Malaysia.

As BMSS Records, led by the one and only Armin Boom Shankar, had been looking for talents in the region, it was a natural path that Damnedge and his talents were soon discovered, and he was added to this wonderful label.

Damnedge has performed extensively in the S.E. Asian region, which was home to him for nearly a decade. These include Belantara Festival (Malaysia), The Experience Festival (Thailand), Valentrance Festival (Thailand) and Dance for Peace Festival and Burning Island Festival (Indonesia). Apart from this, he has also played worldwide, from U.S.A. to Goa (India), and in bigger venues such as Psychedelic Happiness (Germany), S.U.N Festival (Hungary), Aywa Festival (Lebanon), September Ritual Festival and Ahoora Festival (Turkey) and recently in Tunisia`s first Psytrance Festival, Arzeia.

He is blessed to have wonderful people skills which have brought meaningful connections to his life, and he continues to dream, grow and to give his best from the bottom of his heart to the scene. Coming from a background of percussion and being a passionate dancer and Trancer himself, his style is very versatile from daytime Full On and Twilight, to nighttime Forest and Dark which is his preference.

His old-school habit of "crate digging” and hand-picking lesser known tracks from smaller labels, together with his smile and energy behind the decks and the interaction with his audience, has been his secret to success, and he continues to spread the pure message of oneness.

His plans for the future are to produce his own blend of Psytrance and to organize a medium-sized festival in one of his dream locations.



Belantara Festival (Malaysia)
The Experience Festival (Thailand)
Valentrance Festival (Thailand)
Dance for Peace Festival (Indonesia)
Burning Island Festival (Indonesia)
S.U.N Festival (Hungary)
Psychedelic Happiness (Germany)
Nature Sound Festival (Serbia)
Aywa Festival (Lebanon)
MozoGao (India)
September Ritual Festival (Turkey)
Ahoora Festival (Turkey)
Arzeia Festival (Tunisia)
Secret Psychedelica (U.S.A)
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