Real names:
Sonya Bailey & Paul Baguley
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

ManMadeMan Biography

ManMadeMan, a project formed in 1994 by Sonya Bailey and Paul Baguley. As two of the original psychedelic trance pioneers, their extensive discography includes releases on prominent labels such as Flying Rhino, Matsuri, Transient, TIP.World, Flow, and Turbo Trance, among others. In their words, the sound of ManMadeMan is described as "positive, funky, psychedelic and musical all at the same time." By asserting total artistic control over independently produced albums, Paul and Sonya are free from the creative constraints imposed by risk-averse labels seeking only what is safe and dependable.

It`s an original style, a bit hard to define, but who cares - it`s positive, funky, psychedelic and musical all at the same time. It has a knack of totally igniting a dance floor while never retracing old steps and yet manages to always sound like ManMadeMan.

They have worked with clients such as EMI, Sony, Universal, Virgin, Sci-Fi Channel through to Tiger Beer, and seen their music featured in Films and adverts.

As well as being a Studio Production team, ManMadeMan still gig and produce music extensively for many labels and events.

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