Real names:
Burak Ozsoy
DJ, Chillout Live
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance & Chill Out
Malaysia & Turkey
Istanbul (KL)

By The Rain Biography

Waves of sounds that sinks into the depths of your soul, questioning your being, through sounds he reaches to your souls deepest, darkest desires that awaits to be explored by oneself.

By The Rain is a music project by Burak Ozsoy. Burak was born in Turkey, but since he has lived in many countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, USA or Turkey, sharing his music and art. It was long ago when he started music with bands and rocking heavy tunes. in the last few years, he has been actively in the psychedelic scene with his live chill out project By The Rain and blasting Psychedelic Trance Dj sets. After a successful EP and many appearance on VA compilations, By The Rain continues to explore his path in music.

Burak is currently also working with Epic Tribe & their annual Psytrance gatherings Belantara in Malaysia. Managing the alternative river stage and in charge of design for concept & promo material.

By The Rain is currently working on a compilation with Suduaya for BMSS Records and is also working on his new EP.

BMSS releases



Belantara Gathering (Malaysia)
Epic Tribe (Malaysia)
Experience Festival (Thailand)
Hadra Festival (France)
Life Celebration Festival (Czech Republic)
Trimurti Festival (Russia)
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