Real names:
Christian Heyer
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Full On Psytrance & Twilight

Fohat Biography

Christian, known by his stage name Fohat, is a distinguished figure in the Psytrance scene, renowned for his unique blend of Nighttime Full-On and Twilight styles. His journey into the world of electronic music began in the 1980s, deeply influenced by pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Jean Michel Jarre. This early exposure laid the foundation for his profound connection with Psychedelic / Goa Trance, a genre he discovered around 1993 and to which he remains passionately devoted.

Fohat`s immersion in the Psytrance culture was initially as an avid attendee of parties and festivals, where he absorbed the diverse sounds and vibes that characterize this genre. This immersive experience wasn"t just about enjoyment; it was a period of learning and reflection, shaping his understanding of what Psychedelic Trance could be. In 2001, driven by a desire to express his unique vision, Fohat transitioned from spectator to creator, embarking on his journey as a DJ.

What sets Fohat apart is his relentless pursuit of innovation within the Psytrance domain. He isn"t content with just playing music; he aims to redefine it. His sets are an exploration beyond traditional boundaries, often infusing elements of Industrial Music and EBM, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of different musical genres. This fusion results in a sound that is quintessentially Fohat: hard-hitting, intelligent, and heavy, yet flowing seamlessly, ensuring an engaging and unpredictable auditory experience.

As a producer, Fohat brings the same level of creativity and experimentation to his tracks. His productions are more than just music; they are auditory narratives that take listeners on a journey through the night, from twilight to dawn. His tracks are characterized by their intricate layers, masterful use of synths, and the ability to maintain an energetic flow, making them a staple in the playlists of Psytrance enthusiasts worldwide.

In addition to his musical talents, Fohat is also known for his deep connection with the Psytrance community. He sees himself as not just a performer, but as a conduit between the music and the audience, often tailoring his sets to the vibe and energy of the crowd. This empathetic approach has earned him a loyal following and a reputation as a DJ who truly understands and respects the spirit of Psytrance.

BMSS releases



Camakavum Festival (Germany)
Digital Forest Festival (Czech Republic)
Fantasia Festival (Germany)
Freaky Dragons Festival (Spain)
IBW (Germany)
Magic Castle of Mesocco (Switzerland)
Psychedelic Fantasy (Germany)
Psychedelic Happiness (Germany)
Psytasia Festival (Austria)
S.U.N Festival (Hungary)
The Changeling (Spain)
Transition Festival (Spain)
Trikaya (Germany)
Weltebummler (Germany)
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