Real names:
Fio La Bruna
DJ, Chillout DJ
Music style:
Progressive & Psychedelic Trance

Anam Fio Biography

Anam Fio fell in love with Goa & Psychedelic Trance Music in the early nineties. Ever since, this Germany based cosmopolitan has been living into his creative vision, initiating an authentic artistic journey into this subculture. Djing, creating audio-visual over-all conceptions of Chillout Spaces, organizing workshops and operating Brainbars & Chaishops in fore time, are evidence of Fios" calling bringing Trance Culture forward.

These days he is disc spinning Progressive Psychedelic Trance and is active as organizer and promoter in southern Germany. Fio is in company with the BMSS Records family since its early days and besides this, he is part of Transition Festival Crew in Spain.

When it comes to music Anam Fio is cutting edges by provoking a break with conventions and formulas in question of sub-genres.
 His unique style can be described as uplifting Progressive Psytrance absorbing tribal & lysergic influences and flavored with mind bending patterns, lucid frequencies and funky rhythm. Experiencing Anam Fios sonic journeys will lead you into a deep mind space and leave you mentally refreshed, inspired and smiling.

Additional info

Mixes to download:

Anam Fio - Tricky Trip Tunes (2004)

Tricky Trip Tunes was mixed 2004 while traveling New Zealand and is surely influenced by my amazing impressions there. It`s a mix of sparkling funky tunes from a time when the progressive stuff hit all dancefloors worldwide. Fun music from down under. (Download)

Anam Fio in Ambient Mood (2004)

A refreshing coctail - tribal beatz, funky chill and psychedelic grooves...a votre sante ! Including tracks from Miditerranian, Biosphere, Shpongle, Healer, Ouja and many more. (Download)

Anam Fio - Digital Dervish (2007)

Delightful Psy Prog flavored with love-loops. Galloping tribal tunes to ride into a smooth a.m. This mix came into beeing 2007. It`s dedicated to swing your hips and tickle your mind. (Download)

Anam Fio @ Space Odysee (2011)

A 180 minutes live recording of my gig at Space Odysee in 2011. It`s dealing with the more clubby aspects of Progressive Trance without being cheesy but hypnotic. (Download)



Goa Noah Festival (Germany / 2000 / 2001 / 2002)
Alien Airport OA (New Zealand / 2005)
Ragana Festival (Lithuania / 2005)
Fantasia Festival (Germany / 2008)
Transition Festival (Spain / 2009-2014)
Nag Champa OA (Germany / 2003-2006)
X-Roots Festival (Germany / 2013)
Planetaria (Germany / 2011-2014)
Funeral Flop (Germany / 2009-2014)
Oxydea OA (Germany / 2011-2013)
Wanderstern (Germany / 2012-2014)
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