Real names:
Jakub Iwan
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

Main Ape Biography

Main Ape is a solo music project of Kuba Iwan from Poland. This Krakow-based producer keeps surprising his audience with one captivating release after another. Self-taught drummer, a visionary composer fascinated with psychedelic parties, started his journey with Psytrance genre after attending to legendary Goa Dupa festival in 2017.

Living in his own world full of sounds, he draws strong influences from many foreign producers. By constantly challenging himself creatively, he develops tracks that help people hear, understand and experience more of life`s rich soundscapes. He released tracks in many well known labels such as Maharetta Records (debut album in 2021), Dacru Records, Digital Om or Purple Hexagon.

In 2022, we featured Main Ape on BMSS Records` Ailiphilia compilation twice which already gave a hint for further collaborations leading to the exclusive signing with us in 2024. With a big variety of styles and many tracks on the horizon, you can expect the unexpected.

BMSS releases

Videos, Live & Dj Sets


Astrix @ Praga Centrum (Poland / 2023)
Aura Party (Poland / 2020)
Deepersense on the boat (Poland / 2022 - 2023)
Dual Dimension (Poland / 2021)
Egodrop Festival (Poland / 2021)
Egodrop Hype Park (Poland / 2021)
Fest Festival Astral Stage (Poland / 2021)
Galactic Fest (Poland / 2020 - 2019)
Halloweed (Czech / 2023)
JadooM Festival Sieradz (Poland / 2021)
Las Festival (Poland / 2023)
Last Experiment (Poland / 2023)
Mlekojedy (Czech / 2023)
Muszlownik Psytrance Beach (Poland / 2023)
NYE in LAB (Poland / 2022)
Plasma event (Poland / 2023)
Psychedelic Frequencies (Poland / 2022)
Psychodeliczna Spawalnia (Poland / 2022)
Serotonina:The Last Dance (Poland / 2022)
Summer Contrast Festival (Poland / 2021 - 2022)
Summer Contrast Festival (Poland / 2021)
Uroczysko Festival (Poland / 2020 - 2022 - 2023)
We Are in Space (Slovakia / 2023)
Yetai Festial (Poland / 2023)
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