Real names:
Stephane Holweck & Marios Trivyzas
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Goa Trance
France & Greece
Bordeaux & Athens

Total Eclipse Biography

From Electrotete to Juno Reactor in London with Ben Watkins, Stephane Holweck returned to France at the beginning of the 90s to create the project Total Eclipse together with Serge Souque and Loic Vanpoucke. After 2005, Serge and Loic went on to new projects and Total Eclipse became a solo effort with founder Stephane.

In 2019, he merged his side project 0101 with Total Eclipse, making Marios Makar Trivyzas part of the latest chapter of Total Eclipse. For over 30+ Years, Marios has surfed, dancing and dreaming the evolution of electronic music accumulating into "Samothraki Dance Festival", a multidimensional world gathering made by numbers, melody, colors, harmony and a lot of love! Marios since 1994 have performed all over the globe as an international DJ and Music producer under the names LFOids / Makar / Plasmatix / 0101.

The original sound of Total Eclipse crafted an organic and hypnotic form of electronic trance with psychedelic sounds and recognizable but varied influences, melting, ethnic, Rock, Jazz & classical. The new era of Total Eclipse jumps into your ears with alien futuristic forms in the shape of music. From a legendary past to a mind-blasting future, they are here to shake the stratospheres.

Their first single, "Aliens" / "Sounds is Solid" in 1994, was followed by multiple releases on Blue Room Released, TIP, Dragonfly, Twisted, Solstice, Matsuri Records, Wagram, Sony Music, Phonokol, Eye Q, 3D Vision, Nova Tekk, Mandala, Avatar, Tribal Records and Suntrip Records. The group released seven albums, Delta Aquarids [1995], Violent Relaxation [1996], Access Denied [1999], Update Files [2003], Tales of the Shaman [2009], Transmutation [2017] and Tokyo Live [2019].

As globe-trotting sound shamans, they guide the public towards ecstatic heights as Total Eclipse live fire-up dancefloors worldwide, playing at events and festivals in Brazil, Israel, Hungary, Portugal, Japan, Turkey, France, and the US. Covid had temporarily stopped them on tour to concentrate on crafting their sound of imminent release, but in 2024 they are fully back on track and we at BMSS Records are honored to welcome them to our realms.

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