Real names:
Damien Souchon
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

The Trancemancer Biography

Originally from the South of France, Damien discovered Psytrance in Goa during a global trip which let him travel around the world in order to participate in the best parties known back then. This experience became a revelation and a kick-off to start working on his own music. First as a DJ before he gave birth to his own live act featuring mainly hardware and from there on to find his true purpose in combining the advantages of a computer together with the benefits of analogue synths.

After various pseudonyms he eventually arrived at "The Trancemancer" - a very dancefloor focused Psytrance project with futuristic sounds and engaging voices, a sound very close to Night Full On but with a certain hint of oldschool Goa Trance - the reason we at BMSS Records got aware of him and featured him on Tribal Lineage 2.

After numerous releases on labels like Sol Music, Let it out or Ovnimoon Records, we finally signed him exclusively to our label family in 2020 representing BMSS all over France.

BMSS releases

Videos, Live & Dj Sets



Nataraja Festival (France / 2022)
BMSS Label Night (Germany / 2022)
Mammoth Festival (France / 2022)
Transversal 4 & 6 (France / 2022)
Symbiosis Festival (France / 2023)
Transversal 10 & 12 (France / 2023)
First Contact (France / 2023)
Krauzer and Friends (France / 2023)
Psychedelic Night (France / 2023)
Transition Festival (Spain / 2024)
S.U.N. Festival (Hungary / 2024)
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