Real names:
Jeff Alexander
Live Act
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Full On Psytrance
Austin, Texas

Qhemist Biography

It comes as no surprise that eventually, Jeff Alexander would dive into the world of music. Born in Southern California but now residing in Texas, Alexander had exposure to music in some way, shape or form. His father, a piano player and audiophile provided Alexander with his first steps into loving music. Throughout his life, he’s learned to play the piano, drums and bass guitar, thus embracing music as a constant in his life.

After attending a variety of raves growing up, Alexander began dabbling in the world of electronic music. He was heavily involved in them such that he would set up audio and participated in other miscellaneous forms. This fascination with the rave scene proved to be the main catalyst that would drive him to produce electronic music. In 2012 he began DJ-ing for fun, but shortly after, production piqued his interest. Wyked, his first project, focused on different electronic music.

Over time like all artists, Alexander would find his niche. Specifically, in one genre under the umbrella of electronic music: Psychedelic Trance.

Qhemist is Alexander’s current project focusing on the realms of Psychedelic Trance. He showcases this zeal for these genre through his bi monthly radio show by the name of Elements. The project is now his true being incarnate.

It becomes apparent that Alexander is a natural producer as Qhemist’s productions have gained attention from the likes of many and will continue to do so. As he gains a constant following, he strives to “one-up” each of his productions, each one better than the next. The role of producer is his primary objective; as for the artist role, it is his mission to paint a wonderland for his listeners. In essence, he wants to captivate his listeners into that same world that enchanted him through high quality, heart pounding music. With more pristine and original productions on the way, multiple collaborations and a mega impact on the scene, the future is absolutely promising for this rising star and the reason why we signed him on board BMSS Records in 2020.

BMSS releases

Videos, Live & Dj Sets

Qhemist · Qhemist Pres. Elements Episode 022 (First Contact Live Set)

Qhemist · Qhemist Pres. Elements Episode 023 (Massive Frequencies Live Set)



Mayan Transmutation (USA / 2019)
First Contact (USA / 2019)
HardPsy Presents Freedom Fighters (USA / 2019)
Massive Frequencies (USA / 2020)
Renacer Music Festival (Mexico / 2020)
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