Real names:
Francisco Ruiz
Live Act
Music style:
Meta Psytrance
Pachuca de Soto

Triton Biography

Triton, the sonic messenger, draws inspiration from ancient theogony, embodying the role of the sea`s trumpeter capable of both calming and stirring the waves.

His musical vision transcends traditional boundaries, finding essence in the exploration of Meta Psytrance - a subgenre that serves as a canvas for his avant-garde sonic artistry. "Meta" in Triton"s world signifies profound abstraction and self-reference within Psytrance, melding elements from Techno, L.A. Beats Scene, and Psytrance. His compositions defy convention, featuring complex rhythms, daring sound design, and experimental techniques challenging traditional norms.

Triton`s music aims to deliver a message, instill an idea, or leave a thought in the listener - a style diametrically different from the current trend of Psytrance where only sound design is sought.

His unique style is tailored for more educated ears within the Psytrance crowd, offering a sonic journey that goes beyond the conventional, appealing to those with a refined taste for intricate and thought-provoking musical experiences.

BMSS releases



Aztec Contact (Mexico / 2017)
Cosmic Fields (USA / 2020)
Kambo Festival (Mexico / 2018)
Nova Era Festival (Mexico / 2019)
Pleiadians (Mexico / 2019)
Poison Festival (Mexico / 2018)
Psychedelic Carnival (Peru / 2010 / 2017 - 2019)
Sacred Earth (USA / 2020)
Sacred Earth Open Air (USA / 2017)
Solar Eclipse (Chile / 2019)
Sunbrake Festival (Mexico / 2019)
Tierra Magica Festival (Mexico)
Toltecayotl Festival (Mexico / 2018)
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