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Solar.United.Natives: Summer Gathering 2018

 The SUN Festival is happening again - Family reunion upcoming! Join us this year! 🌻

We can only thank You for this year’s wonderful festival, it was fantastic to see the many smiling faces everywhere, and the collaboration of the involved artists and members who heartily support the future of the S.U.N. We love you for your support!

That`s why SUN is more than a festival.

The program: more than 150 artists, unique visuals and decor, lectures, workshops, kids corner.
The festival is Nature-caring and dog-friendly.

A limited amount of presale tix are out for 55.- Euros.
Get them while they last.
See YOU in the S.U.N.shine! β˜€οΈ

πŸ’š Presale Tix: One Ticket
πŸ’š Event link on Facebook: SUN Festival 2018
πŸ’š Our website: Solar.United.Natives

Coming up: Hujaboy | Oceans of Love [Single]

 Sonic sorcerer Hujaboy joins BMSS Records for another spell binding release. "Oceans of Love", is crafted with Hujaboys magical methods and was his festival anthem for 2017.

The track places endless psychedelic landscapes flush with acidic colours against strong scenes complete with grooves and intelligent psychedelia. Once again, determined grown-up trip music for a mission to hallucinate!


01: Hujaboy - Oceans of Love

Mastering: Hujaboy
Design: Geomatrix Design

Release date:

13.11.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Moon Mountain: Valentrance 2018 Edition [TH]

 Save the date to celebrate our 15th anniversary of Moon Mountain Valentrance on our magic rafts with us!

Join us for a voyage on our floating village on the hidden lake of Kanchanaburi in Thailand. Surrounded by mystical natural elements and amplified by legendary Djs from the Asian and European underground Psytrance family.

β™‘ Full of love β™‘ Magic β™‘ Peace β™‘ Hidden Location β™‘ Non commercial β™‘ Old School β™‘ Always save one Drop of Water

Moon Mountain is one of the most authentic and longest running Psytrance underground parties in Thailand.
It`s not a big event, but you will always find happy people. Family vibes is what we aim for! β™‘

Please check Facebook for more details!

Exploring the Solar System with NoFace

 Combining energy and emotion to create psychedelic synergy, NoFace takes you for a Full On psychedelic journey with his debut EP. Inspired his time in India, the Israeli newcomer uses his musicality to pay tribute to that familiar driving UK sound. Mastered by BPM to ensure you get the fattest production possible, Solar System, a massive track for night time sits alongside Fourth Dimension, an equally compelling and powerful track for the morning.


01: NoFace - Solar System
02: NoFace - Fourth Dimension

Mastering: BPM
Design: Acora

Release date:

06.11.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Somatic Cell - Live at Neverland Festival [IL 2017]

 Enjoy the live set of our Israeli BMSS representatives Somatic Cell at Neverland Festival 2017 in Israel. The dynamic duo is currently working on their debut album, out soon on BMSS. The tracklist already gives a hint for what`s upcoming. Enjoy!

01. Somatic Cell - Deva Dance (BMSS Unreleased)
02. Somatic Cell - Samu-L (BMSS Unreleased)
03. Somatic Cell - High Society (BMSS Unreleased)
04. Somatic Cell - Acid Goat (BMSS Unreleased)
05. Somatic Cell - Mad Cow In A Cell (BMSS Records)
06. Somatic Cell - Black Hole Sun (Unreleased)
07. Somatic Cell & PsiloCybian - Voices (BMSS Records)
08. U-Recken & Digicult - Into The Heartland
(Somatic Cell Remix) (Dacru Records)
09. Somatic Cell & Indigo Spirit - Somatic Spirit
(BMSS Unreleased)
10. Somatic Cell - Revolver (2017 Edit)
(Geomagnetic Records)
11. Somatic Cell - Somatic Samba (BMSS Unreleased)

Countdown to: BPM - Ignition Sequence [Single]

 BPM explores their powerful Serbian sound with a masterfully crafted open-air anthem.

Their second release on their home label is also a teaser for their upcoming album expected in early 2018.

Played by the BMSS crew throughout summer, this potential future classic "Ignition Sequence" is designed to add a touch of the mystical to your grooving daytime dancefloor.

Out via Beatport Monday October 23rd!

ChikoDelic - Provenance EP

 ChikoDelic, a brand new project from Israeli producer and former DJ, Chiko Dahan gives us a debut release that highlights both creativity and masterful soundscaping. "Dream", a full power Psytrance anthem pays respect to the golden age of Goa Trance with authoritative modern audio engineering whereas "Ninja" fully demonstrates ChikoDelics skillful rhythms and scene building abilities.

With both tracks ChikoDelic seems to have discovered the formula to keep them on the dancefloor. PerfecTone was responsible for the mastering, guaranteeing that Provenance will kick up some dust wherever it is played!


01: ChikoDelic - Dream
02: ChikoDelic - Ninja

Mastering: PerfecTone
Design: Acora

Release date:

09.10.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Genetica - Liquid Sun EP

 Genetica, the latest signing to the ever expanding BMSS roster, is the hybrid of Sound Control and Argon Sphere, two Veterans from the Serbian Psytrance scene. Liquid Sun contains two potent Psytrance tracks, bursting with a mighty energy, forceful kicks and basses and esoteric evocative story-lines. Suitable for an accidic nighttime adventure or an uplifting morning. Legitimate Psychedelic Trance!


01: Genetica - Liquid Sun
02: Genetica - One Way

Mastering: Genetica
Design: Acora

Release date:

02.10.17 via Beatport (Digital)

Boom Shankar: Jungle Spirit II [Dj Set 2017]

 Here it is: the second installment of my Jungle Spirit series! A 96 minute journey into the realms of Psychedelic Trance mixed on the date of the Winter Solstice and featuring a high octane selection of my preferred trip advisors.

It took me more than a year to come up with another Dj mix which pays tribute to the intoxicating vibe of underground gatherings of the Far East and far beyond, which contains the essence of the terms PSYCHEDELIC and TRANCE, has a deep hallucinogenic touch and which ensures the manifestation of a restless leg syndrome - plus, creates a true and interesting journey with an unexpected ending and welcomes the winter season....hallelujah, a lot of tasks! πŸ‘Š

But BOOM, I am surprisingly happy with the outcome and I hope you will share and enjoy this ride with me! ❀

Medical grade Acid trip anyone?

[Boom Shankar, September 2017]

Kundalini: Eighty Four EP

 After his debut release with BMSS in early 2017, Nikolay Sabchev aka Kundalini reveals his second EP with us marking his initiation with our label. "Eighty Four" showcases the complexity and musicality of his talent. An extremely well-balanced combination of Psychedelic Trance illuminated by bright sparks of Goa, flashes of illusion and ambitious grooves. "Eighty Four" welcomes the morning with bright light, "Forgotten Rituals" is an intelligent soundtrack for nighttime adventures on the dancefloor.


01: Kundalini - Eighty Four
02: Kundalini - Forgotten Rituals

Mastering: Plus 6 (Wizzy Noise)
Design: Acora

Release date:

25.09.17 via Beatport (Digital)

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