Real names:
Steven Sebrechts
Sun and Moon
Music style:
Psychedelic Trance

Sebidelica Biography

Sebidelica: music addict and vinyl collector since the late 90s, Dj for Psychedelic Trance since 2002.

After attending "Dance A Delic" in 2001, Steven saw the (neon) light and knew which way to head with his life. He started his Dj career soon after, received his first bookings at smaller events and at after parties where he could show his skills to an ever-growing audiance.

In the years which followed he got signed first to Psysky Records and after a while to Mutagen Records, based in London. The years flew by, the parties he performed became bigger, festivals occurred on the horizon, he received his first international bookings in foreign countries and as a result, he was soon sharing the stage with his childhood heroes and other big names. In addition, he became part of the organization of the "Unio Mystica" party series and organized numerous legendary parties by himself in Belgium.

Nowadays, being more than 20 years an essential part of the Belgian scene, he remains a big collector of solid music and remains open to new musical adventures. As a result, we are happy to welcome Sebidelica to our BMSS realms in 2022.

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The Experience Festival (Thailand 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018)
Psychedelic Rave - Machine Elves (Netherlands / 2021)
Zodiac Commune - Acid Orange (Netherlands / 2014)
Equinox Psychedelic Gathering (Netherlands / 2012)
Waldfrieden Wonderland (Germany / 2015 & 2020)
Psy-Fi Festival (Netherlands / 2013, 2014 & 2015)
Tibidibi Festival (Luxembourg / 2020 & 2021)
Lost in Paradise Festival (Thailand / 2015)
Hemeltrancevaart (Netherlands / 2015)
Mo:Dem Teaser Party (Belgium / 2015)
Psychedelic Rave (Netherlands / 2017)
Shiva Moon Festival (Thailand / 2013)
Lost Theory Festival (Croatia / 2013)
Psychedelic Mirrors (Belgium / 2018)
Pandemonium (Netherlands / 2013)
Solarium Festival (Belgium / 2013)
Tribes Gathering (Belgium / 2013)
Magic Mountain (Thailand / 2019)
Moon Mountain (Thailand / 2014)
Novas Incident (Belgium / 2013)
Ruigoord (Netherlands / 2016)
Fractal Gate (Belgium / 2014)
Mekitburn (Belgium / 2014)
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