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New BMSS Records Artists

Please welcome our freshly signed artists to BMSS Records!!!

New BMSS Records Artists 2013

Datacult is the new project of Marco Scherer, formerly known as Meller, who will have his debut release on Boom Shankars new CD compilation "Trancendance" and is working on his debut EP on tracks of Eat Static, Perfect Stranger, Tectum and ManMadeMan. Holikao is the new project of Aodioiboa but with a certain Goadelic touch. His debut EP will be out next month! Kali is a fresh producer from Israel, his first release will be part of Trancendance and Sequoya on the other hand is the new project of Yan Gecko: expect a deep Forest flavor from this alter ego. His debut EP will be out in November and the Macedonians Try2Fly will have their debut release together with Spirit Architect next month.

As you can see, we have a lot of fresh music is in the pipeline, so stay connected!

On the DJ side we are more than pleased to welcome Fohat back on board and we are very happy to have such a dominant base now in Hungary with the signings of Tsubi, Oleg and Gorgo! Finally we have our base as well in South East Asia: please welcome Radzy from Malaysia on board BMSS Records!

All in all we are fulfilled to have such a colorful and vibrant record family around the globe! See us on a party nearby soon...

Harlequins & BMSS present: Zauberberg 3

 Harlequins and BMSS Records team up for another night deluxe in South Germany. We found an exquisite location in a natural reserve overlooking the ancient city of Heidelberg which turns out to be the perfect spot for the Zauberberg series. A stunning place with a view over the old castle and the Neckar river, Open Air and indoor facilities, 2 floors and many surprises.

We would be very happy welcoming you to a night of psychedelic extravaganza in a location you will probably never have the chance to party again in this kind of style. See you in the clouds!

Zauberberg 3

Königsstuhl Heidelberg

Line Up Psychedelic Floor:

Boom Shankar, Alexsoph, Maximus, Löwenherz & Psypha

Decorations and Visuals:

Jamas, Maex Steel and Vjane Juladi


Facebook & Goabase

Harlequins Zauberberg 3 Location

New release by Meller & Tectum: Reconstructed (Out now!)

 The original and originality are two similar sounding terms with yet entirely different meanings. One denotes something unique, the first piece of its kind while the other stands for ingenuity. As different as the two words may seem at first glance, there still is a hidden connection between them.

On their new EP on BMSS Records, Meller and Tectum let their inquiring minds run wild. Carefully they disassemble the originals of various artists from BMSS such as Soul Kontakt and PhasePhour into their constituent parts, analyse their multiple interactions and set out on a search for the soul of the tracks - as well as their own. Utilizing bass patterns that will have you effortlessly moving in time to the deep pulsating spaces these guys once again show you that they do not conform, but set their own boundaries, and then break them.

Intelligent sound design, unexpected moments, tribalistic grooves and pure satisfaction. These are the things that best describe the latest offering from Meller and Tectum, presented in this Reconstruction for the highest of audible pleasure.


01: Soul Kontakt / Stellar Voyager (Meller Remix)
02: Tectum / Plastic Mind (Meller Remix)
03: PhasePhour / Monotron Part 1 (Meller Remix)
04: Meller / Rise of the Machines (Tectum Remix)
05: Meller / Geisterbahn (Meller 2013 Remix)
06: Tectum / Plastic Mind (Original Mix)
07: Meller & Pikachu / Rise of the Machines (Original Mix)
08: Meller / Reconstruction (Outro)

Mastering: Haim Lev (Outsiders) & Johannes Regnier (Silicon Sound)
Design: Kuluri (Malta)

Release date: 12.08.13 via Beatport

Alice im Wummerland 3: Video review & outlook towards #4

 Enjoy this video review of our label party in Mannheim featuring Atma, Meller, Boom Shankar, Alexsoph, Sequoya, Maximus and Sumishii Aran on the VJ decks plus Jamas repsonsible for the mind-blowing decoration.

After this massive success we are looking forward to the upcoming edition taking place once again in Mannheim (Germany) on the 31st of October 2013.

Alice im Wummerland IV will feature live performances by Braincell, Tickets, Patara and Dj Sets by Daksinamurti, Cubixx, Sgary among many others.

We are very happy to have once again Boom Shankar, Marco Scherer, Alexsoph and Sequoya on the decks!

See you soon!


Alice im Wummerland on Facebook
Alice im Wummerland on Goabase

Boom Shankar live at S.U.N. Festival 2013

 Thanx to all your support and anticipation here it finally is: Boom Shankar s set from the already legendary S.U.N. Festival 2013! 2 hours of Psychedelic Trance, leading from the night towards dawn and right into a sun-filled Sunday morning...and what a morning it was! ♥

"Unfortunately my recording device failed, so this is not the original live recording, but I re-recorded it in the BMSS Records studio based on my memories (which were a bit blurred to be honest due to a state called "Trance" :) )

I am quite happy with the outcome and I think it contains all the memorable tracks I played...but it"s missing something essential: the presence and energy of all you guys on the floor - because it was you who made this festival so special! ♥

Still, I hope I will touch your heart with it and in case you are a Solar United Native, that all your memories will come up again! Enjoy this special mix, play it loud and spread the music and its vibes! Thank you for all your support my friends, it means a lot to me! xxx"

Thank you for your S.U.N.shine!

Here are some words from Boom Shankar regarding the S.U.N. Festival experience along with one of his photos of the Solar Circle stage...nothing more to add! :)

"I think I never experiences so much love, shared so many smiles, seen so much sunshine in the eyes of others, hugged so many of my friends and experiences such a bliss then in the last week! Fulfilled, amazed, blessed, jaw-dropped, uplifted and fully connected - that"s how I feel after a week at S.U.N. Festival! This gathering was simply beyond words, it was capturing the essence of what the Psychedelic Trance scene is all about, lifting it even up a level to a state I would consider nearly perfect! My deepest respect goes out to the whole family, to all tribes, collectives and individuals who made this gathering of Solar United Natives happen (...) Playing my sunrise set on Sunday was epic, what an energy, what a connection, thank you all for your energy and full power dancing...I couldnt stop smiling with all you lovely people on the floor! (...)

Thank you for your S.U.N.shine

There are a thousand more things running through my mind and heart right now, but I guess it will take a while until I will fully understand what the sun happened there! But one thing is clear to me: this was one of the best festivals ever and its just the beginning....I cant imagine what will come next! I am truly honored to be a part of this magical family, of this stunning project and to be connected with all you lovely people without the scene wouldnt be what is is! Solar United Natives, I love you! "

See you next year for the second edition!

New release by Psilocybian & Black Noise (Out now!)

 Psilocybian returns from the far reaches of our dimensional membrane with a new alchemical arsenal of driving psychedelia, showcased in this latest EP. Expect driving baselines with a heavy dose of playful and organic synthesis sprinkled with rhythmic percussion that, together, create a living soundscape of spaces long forgotten.

Vibrations have also been joined to bring you a fresh collaboration that sees the exquisite skills of Psilocybian presented with a healthy twist of Black Noise, the best of both these forces where the tracks are more than just the sum of the artists. This EP is best listened to loud, under the nightsky with plenty of space to allow you to get your stomp on and lose yourself in this most immersive of tales.


01: Psilocybian & Black Noise - Space Bubble
02: Psilocybian - God is a Mathematician
03: Psilocybian & Black Noise - Crystal Extractor

Release date: 30.07.13 exclusively via Beatport

Mastering by Saša Dukic
Design by Psilocybian

Interview with Boom Shankar in Beat Magazine

 Europes biggest music production magazine Beat interviewed Boom Shankar on Remixes and Mashups and his philosophy when it comes to BMSS Records. Have a look!

We never thought that one of our fellow artists could make it into such a magazine, so we are more than happy about the chance of spreading underground culture via a "mainstream" media channel!

You can download the digital version of the whole manual and production guide here. The pdf contains as well an interview with Trentemøller and more interesting stuff.

Have a great read!

Trancers Guide to the Galaxy 2013

 The 2013 edition of the Trancers Guide To The Galaxy has been published and is now available for distribution. 35 country profiles from around the world describing each country’s Trance and party community, its festivals, its locations, its people, and its history will be your indispensable guide for the beginning summer season. BMSS Records Boom Shankar was responsible for the articles dealing with Southern Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey.

With a circulation of 50 000 copies the Hamburg based music magazine has been produced by the makers of the renowned mushroom magazine. With almost 20 years of experience in psychedelic electronic music and its worldwide cultural manifestations this new Guide after a 5 year break brings you colorful inside country reports about a music scene which is blossoming worldwide.

Both the new mushroom magazine and the Trancers Guide to the Galaxy can be found here. Enjoy!

New release by Holon: The Quantum Tunnel (Out now!)

 BMSS Records is proud to present the latest sonic output of Mexican mastermind, Holon, part of In Lak Ech. Holon has his own unique way of musical expression as demonstrated in the original track "New World Order", by teaming up with Architekt and remixing Mechanimal and Coretech`s "The Energy of Light".

A Holon is a system which is an evolving self-organizing dissipative structure, composed of other holons, ranging from the smallest subatomic particles and strings, all the way up to the multiverse, comprising many universes. Holon brings his sounds to life using driving kick and bassline combinations, highly psychedelic soundscapes and hypnotizing elements.

Carefully mastered by Colin OOOD to ensure maximum dancefloor resonance, with beautifully designed artwork by Visual Paradise, this EP is a holistic piece of art. These tracks will rock this season big time and we look forward to taking you on a trip through the Quantum Tunnel!


01: Holon - New World Order
02: Holon & Architekt - Micro Textures
03: Mechanimal & Coretech - The Energy of Light (Holon Remix)

Release date: 25.06.13 exclusively via Beatport

Mastering by Colin Bennun (OOOD)
Design by Visual Paradise (Catalyst)

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